Trick or Treat!

Did October sneak up on you as well? Hard to believe we’re in the home stretch of 2017. Don’t call it quits for the year just yet, there’s still plenty to do before the holiday season is upon us.

Early next month we’ll be down in Ft. Lauderdale with our good friends at TCG for their 2nd annual Channel Source event. We’re always keeping up with our Core Value of Technology to bring home the latest carrier changes and trends in our industry heading into next year.

Don’t forget to check out the donation opportunities for our Golf for the Kids event on October 23rd. Every little bit helps towards this fantastic cause.

Community Corner

ETS had a fun and productive time in Austin at the Fall 2017 Channel Partners Evolution Conference. We’re bringing back stronger carrier relationships and new dynamic products to our portfolio.

It’s Budget Season

Every dollar is important to your company and effectively allocating those resources to your IT spend should be carefully calculated. The days of large capital expenses are all but gone as the industry has seen a major shift to the Op-Ex ‘as a service’ model.

Up for a computer hardware refresh? There’s a virtual desktop for that! Time to replace a limited PBX? There’s Hosted VoIP for that! Costly MPLS network in place? There’s SD-WAN for that!

ETS is here to help educate you on the newest technology platforms and help you build your budget for 2018. Our Technology Assessment , as always, comes at no cost and includes a pricing audit comparing your current spend to the market rates. You can’t afford to not include it this quarter.

How Serious Are You Taking Your Company’s Security

Today’s security threats pose an ever changing risk to your company and your customers. Every day we see another major brand affected and on the front page of the news for all the wrong reasons. Here are a few things to consider in your security plan:

  • DDoS prevention & mitigation
  • Endpoint security
  • Malware Protection
  • Data encryption
  • Phishing campaigns

Don’t have a security plan? Need an in depth review of what you already have in place? That’s where ETS comes in. We offer a full scale network risk and S ecurity Assessment along with the tailored solutions to combat the issues keeping you up at night. Don’t wait until you’re on the front page of the paper to set up an appointment!

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