What REALLY Goes On During a Cut-Over

Switching service providers takes weeks…even months! To put it plainly, there are a lot of moving parts and processes that have to happen in the proper order for a cut-over to go smoothly. From processing order paperwork and working with vendors on circuit deliveries to setting up call flows and double and triple checking phone numbers, it’s a lot. The day of the cut-over is the most important. This is how a smooth transition should go:

1. Your IT vendor should be on site to ensure that the internet circuit and router are properly installed in your telecom room.

2. Your IT vendor will connect the equipment to your firewall and make changes to the IP addresses if new ones were assigned.

3. After weeks of previous paperwork and number confirmations, your new carrier will port your phone numbers from your previous provider.

4. Phones will be tested to ensure that the numbers ported correctly. This will be done by your new carrier if you have Hosted VoIP or your hardware vendor if you have a premise-based phone system.

6. Ta-da! You have working phones.

This is the storybook version of what happens. In truth, there are a lot more details that are handled behind the scenes. All in all, it’s important to understand that a cut-over should not be rushed because things can get overlooked, leading to service downtime! With a planned and coordinated effort by all parties involved, impact on your business will be minimal and pain-free.

Rely on ETS to lead the way during this arduous process. We have an installation team that will notify you of deadlines, action items, and best practices to have the smoothest cut-over possible. Why try to do it yourself when our team can help take away the headache for you?

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