News Briefs

ETS Megabytes: April 2019

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

40 percent of businesses do not reopen following a disaster. On top of that, another 25 percent fail within one year. Utilizing DR and BC to limit risk and sustain survivability after an unexpected disruption is vital to any business. ETS offers consultative and externally managed solutions to accomplish DR and/or BC which results in lower costs and higher performance.

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ETS Megabytes: March 2019

Acquisition of JD Consulting and Jim Jarrells as CEO

ETS Solutions can now provide on-site technology implementation, outsourced IT staff augmentation, and technology project management services.

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ETS Megabytes: February 2019

Technology Solutions Large and Small

Whether you are one location that needs phones and internet or 400 locations that need interoffice connectivity in a cloud environment, ETS can help. 

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ETS Megabytes: January 2019

How To Increase Company Workflow While Decreasing Costs

Delegate your technology troubles and you will no longer waste time dealing with trouble tickets, customer service representatives, or contract negotiation.

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ETS Megabytes: December 2018

ETS Solutions Teams Up with CURE Childhood Cancer

The holidays are in full swing and our team is in the Christmas sprit. See what we’ve been up to!

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ETS Megabytes: November 2018

What Is SD-Wan and Why Are Businesses Migrating?

If your company is looking to save on technology costs or increase the agility and speed of their telecommunications network, SD-Wan may be right for you. 

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ETS Megabytes: October 2018

Is Your Company Information at Risk?

ETS now offers specialized security consulting to help mitigate security threats.

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ETS Megabytes: July 2018

Featuring: What can Analytics Do for You?

Maximize the potential of your phone system, recover lost revenue, and use analytics to improve your business. 

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ETS Megabytes: June 2018

Featuring: Hosted VoIP

Is a change to VoIP right for your business?  Claire’s insight will help you decide. 

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ETS Megabytes: May 2018

Featuring: Office 365

Office 365 is a great first step towards total Cloud migration. Here are a few tips to consider to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

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ETS Megabytes: April 2018

Introducing the ETS User Xperience™

Our now official service model combines over 15 years of voice, data, cloud, and security expertise through our personalized methodology known as the ETS User Xperience™

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ETS Megabytes: February 2018

The VoIP debate: Hosted vs On-Premise

It’s important for every business to make a choice early on in the process of upgrading a phone system. Do you go the hosted route, or keep equipment in house? There are several important factors in determining which type of system will be of most benefit to a company’s productivity.

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ETS Megabytes: January 2018

Featuring: Conference Calling

Conference calling continues to evolve and expand as the benefits of Unified Communications become more and more apparent to businesses. Are you currently using the ‘free’ conference calling services that only offer limited users and poor voice quality? Do you have a need for live collaboration and sharing of documents or presentations?

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ETS Megabytes: December 2017

Featuring: Don’t Let The Next Winter Event Freeze Up Your Business

As a good chunk of the South is thawing out from the little winter event that rolled through last week, now is a vital time to follow up on your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategy. We were lucky that the snow started falling on a Friday, but just imagine the impacts on your employees and business had mother nature decided to show up for Monday lunch. If you were forced to close an office or shut down a production facility for days on end, what type of financial impacts would that have to your business?

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ETS Megabytes: November 2017

Featuring: Position Your Business for Success

For local businesses, the knowledge base, skill-set and technology platforms demanded by today’s consumers can be cumbersome at best. Over the past decade, a rapid evolution in technology has shifted local business marketing needs. Suddenly, the successful marketing mix requires not only maintaining traditional channels, but adding new ones at an ever-increasing pace.

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ETS Megabytes: October 2017

Featuring: How Serious Are You Taking Your Company’s Security

Today’s security threats pose an ever changing risk to your company and your customers. Every day we see another major brand affected and on the front page of the news for all the wrong reasons. Here are a few things to consider in your security plan:

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ETS Megabytes: September 2017

Featuring: What REALLY Goes On During a Cut-Over

Switching service providers takes weeks…even months! To put it plainly, there are a lot of moving parts and processes that have to happen in the proper order for a cut-over to go smoothly. This is what a smooth transition should look like…

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ETS Megabytes: July 2017

Featuring: What Can Analytics Do for You?

Today’s phone systems do much more than just dial and ring, they should be built to influence and grow your business. Ask yourself these important questions when considering what your system is capable of…

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